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R.E. Curriculum Year 5







This unit outlines some key beliefs about the creation of human beings and the creation of the world. It introduces the children to the story of creation as a way of explaining that God is creator, rather than a re-telling of the order of the created world. It will help teachers to reflect with the children on their God given talents and living their lives in response to the teaching of Christ.

This unit will build on references to creation from Key Stage 1 and Year 4.

Comparing texts, research skills, discussion skills, thinking skills, art skills, poetry and song writing, reference skills, interpreting skills.

Bible, Old Testament, Genesis, inspired, creation, image, likeness, canticle, Beatitude,
talents, dignity.


In this unit children learn about some of the miracles of Jesus and the work of the Church to heal and care for the sick in Christ’s name.

This unit draws together materials studied in Key Stage 1 units and in Year 4 about roles and responsibilities in the Church.

Research skills, organising information, map work, thinking skills, empathetic writing,
interpreting symbolism.

Miracle, healing, Sacraments, Sacrament of the Sick.


This unit links the Old Testament and the New Testament in terms of preparing for the coming of Christ during the Season of Advent.

The unit builds on references to Advent from Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4.

Discussion skills, research, thinking skills, writing skills, I.C.T. skills.

Advent, coming, Messiah, Zechariah, John the Baptist, Benedictus.


In this unit the children will hear about the story of Christmas from St. Matthew’s Gospel. They will explore the difficulties faced by Mary and Joseph and the tensions that arose in King Herod.

This unit builds on previous work on the characters in the Christmas story.

Research skills, speaking and listening, thinking skills, writing skills, map work, prayer writing.

Matthew, Wise Men Herod, Bethlehem, Egypt, refugee.


The unit explores the role of John the Baptist in the Baptism of Jesus and provides an opportunity for an in-depth study of the signs, symbols and prayers associated with the Sacrament of Baptism.

The unit builds on previous learning about John the Baptist during Advent.

Research skills, geography skills, comparing texts, interpreting symbols, art skills, presenting information in different forms, sequencing skills.

Sacrament, Baptism, John the Baptist, sign, symbol, action.


In this unit children gain a greater knowledge and understanding of the Parables of Jesus. They explore the concept of the Kingdom of God from the teachings of Jesus and ways in which Christians respond to this teaching today through their belonging to the Church.

This unit builds on previous work in Year 4 about the Parables of Jesus, extending children’s knowledge of this key area of Jesus’ teaching.

Reading skills, text level work, referencing skills, note taking, thinking skills, researching
skills, speaking and listening, writing skills, group work.

Parable, Holy Land, Samaritan, Levite, Priest, Saint, Kingdom of God.


This unit involves the children in thinking about the concept of ‘temptation’ as they study the temptations of Jesus. Children will be given the opportunity to reflect on what nurtures and damages human relationships they will study some important texts from the New Testament about Christian living and will learn about the Sacrament of Reconciliation as a Sacrament of Healing and God’s forgiveness.

The unit builds upon previous work in Year 3 and Year 4 about the Sacrament of Reconciliation and themes concerned with the Season of Lent.

Reading and reference skills, thinking skills, research skills, preparing liturgy, writing skills.

Lent, repent, temptation Corinthians, Colossians, Ephesians, Sacraments, healing, forgiveness, reconciliation, act of contrition, examination of conscience.


In this unit children will gain a greater knowledge and understanding of the last week of Jesus’ life and how the Church celebrates this week through liturgy and prayer.

This unit is built on all previous units on Holy Week. It provides an opportunity for a greater in-depth analysis of the last days of Jesus’ life.

Reading and reference skills, research skills, mapping skills, thinking skills, speaking and
listening, interpreting symbolism.

Holy Week, Jerusalem, Palm Sunday, betrayal, Gethsemane, Pilate, crucifixion, Passover, vocabulary.


In this unit the children learn about the Church’s Celebration of Easter through the Easter Vigil. They will learn about the Church’s belief in eternal life through the
Easter Story and the Story of the Ascension of Jesus into heaven.

This unit builds on previous work in Year 3 and Year 4 about the Easter Story and how the Church celebrates Easter.

Research skills, group work, reference skills, sequencing skills, interpreting symbolism,
thinking skills.

Resurrection, Easter Vigil, Easter Fire, Paschal Candle, Baptism, Eucharist, eternal


This unit is designed to give children greater insight into the Church’s belief in the Holy Spirit. It will also explore the Christian belief in the Holy Trinity and prayer and devotion to the Holy Spirit.

The unit develops previous work on the Holy Spirit and Pentecost from Key Stage 1 and Year 3 and Year 4.

Reading and reference skills, interpreting diagrams, map work, writing skills. Holy Spirit, Pentecost, Holy Trinity,

Holy Spirit, Pentecost, Holy Trinity, transformation, power, advocate, truth.


This unit has been designed to help the pupils understand the significant role the Apostles played in proclaiming the Good News. Pupils will reflect on the work of the Apostles as building the foundations of the Church which continues to proclaim the Good News of Christ today.

This unit builds on previous work in Year 4 at Pentecost on the Missionary work of the Apostles.

Discussion skills, map work, empathetic writing, speaking and listening, research and
referencing skills.

Apostles, Book of Acts Pentecost, Names of
the Apostles.


This unit is designed to help children understand that Marriage and Holy Orders are important Sacraments of Commitment in the Church. It will also help them appreciate that everybody has some responsibility and part to play in the life of the Church.

This unit builds on previous work in Year 4 about roles and responsibilities in the Church.

Discussion skills, research skills, thinking skills, reference skills, interpreting symbols.

Responsibility, Body of Christ, Archbishop, Priest, deacon, Holy Orders, Sacrament,
promises, laying on of hands.