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Physical Education

Curriculum - PE


At St Joseph’s, we recognise the importance of P.E as a means of promoting long-term, healthy lifestyles. By the time our pupils leave St Joseph’s, we want them to have developed competence to excel in a wide range of physical activity, be physically active for sustained periods of time, engage in a wide range of sporting competitions and lead healthy, active lifestyles.

As well as these physical aspects, we also want our pupils to develop the following personal attributes:

  • commitment
  • confidence
  • resilience
  • high levels of self-esteem and belief
  • good communication
  • ability to work as a team

At St Joseph’s, our P.E curriculum is a driving force for building these traits and has been designed to enable skills that have been learned previously to be built upon and mastered. At the end of each phase of schooling, we have high expectations of our pupils to have mastered the following:

EYFS- show control and co-ordination in small and large movements, be able to negotiate space and handle a range of equipment effectively

Key Stage 1- master the skills of agility, co-ordination and balance, as well as develop an awareness of tactics for attacking and defending

Key Stage 2- develop communication, collaboration and competition through engaging in a wider range of sporting games, further developing the skills of strength, control and technique

In all areas of P.E, we want our pupils to be included and challenged to maximise their potential. Where appropriate, we do this in each lesson using S.T.E.P:

Space-  increasing/decreasing the area to make the task more challenging

Task- modifying the task by changing the demands or the rules of the activity e.g. pass the three players before scoring, only score using under-arm throw

Equipment- modifying the equipment by changing the size of the target, level of equipment, amount of equipment, height of the equipment or the arrangement of the equipment

People- modifying team sizes/number of attackers and defenders, pairing/grouping according to ability 


To achieve this, we follow the P.E Hub Scheme of Work as a Medium-Term Planning tool. This scheme is used as a guide for teachers to follow when delivering a unit of work, however teachers are encouraged to use their professional judgement as to how long they spend on a particular unit/when to teach a particular unit. Taught weekly, EYFS/Key Stage 1 focus on developing the skills of agility, co-ordination and balance whilst Key Stage 2 engage in competitive games which further develop the skills from Key Stage 1, whilst also developing strength, control and technique in a range of sporting activities.

At St Joseph’s, we encourage our pupils to be physically fit throughout the day and not just in their P.E lessons. P.E alone is not sufficient to develop all of the qualities we want them to gain and apply in their day to day life. Subsequently, we also offer our pupils a wide range of opportunities to attend both competitive and non-competitive events and aim to include all children from Early Years right through KS2.

By providing a wide range of physical development activities we aim to allow out children to develop healthy and positive attitudes and activities that can last them throughout their lives.

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