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Special Educational Needs & Disability Offer

Mrs R. Pierce






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Children's Mental Health Week

We are celebrating Children’s Mental Health Week in school on 11th- 14th February. This year’s theme is ‘Being healthy: inside and out.’ This theme explores the importance of having a healthy mind as well as a healthy body. The children will be taking part in activities throughout the week and they are encouraged to bring in something for a ‘Show and Tell’ – to bring something in to show everybody what makes them feel good. This could be an object, a drawing or a photograph.

There are some top tips for parents/ carers as well as some top tips for children to help develop healthy minds as well as healthy bodies.

Tips for Children

Tips for Parents and Carers

St Joseph’s Special Educational Needs Policy
The SEND reform for parents and carers
The SEND reform Additional information


The Birmingham Local Authority’s Local Offer can be found at:


There are many websites offering advice and support for parents. You may find some of the links useful:

Fine Motor Skills

Help to develop fine-motor skills can be found at:



Tips for Children

Tips for Parents and Carers

Tips for Teachers and School Staff

Improving Memory Skills

The following links may help your children to further develop their memory skills:


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder






Touch Typing

Follow the link to the BBC Dance Mat Typing; fun ways to learn touch typing.


Social, Emotional and Mental Health

(already on school website under news)


There is helpful advice and resources for parents and carers which can be accessed at


You may also find these resources useful below:

Children's guide to healthy minds

Tips for children spreading kindness

Tips for parents 2016 building resilience

Tips for parents spreading kindness 


Helping Children to Improve their Handwriting

Amazing Things Happen Video

Helping children with memory links:       

Autism Coffee Morning:

During the SEN Coffee morning on autism, we discussed some useful links/resources of information to offer support.

Useful websites/resources shared at the coffee morning:

- Autism West Midlands: (lots of information, run courses and parent support groups)

- The National Autistic Society (NAS):

- Birmingham Communication Autism Team (CAT TV) – You Tube (six episodes produced by CAT team about supporting children with autism)

- Cerebra: (access to a library and sensory toy library)

- The autism charity shop – Autism Birmingham (Pershore Rd, Stirchley- opposite Magnet and also a shop in Longbridge- can help support funding for sensory equipment)

- Hesley: (free whole day training)

- Northfield Ecocentre: (Everyone can cycle: cycle with autism. Teaching children with autism to ride a bike)

- The curly hair project: (information and support (founded by Alis Rowe who has autism and was diagnosed in adulthood)


SEN Coffee morning for speech and language:

On Friday 16th March, we held a coffee morning for parents and carers with a focus on speech and language. Cathy Follis, our school speech and language therapist spoke with parents/carers about speech, language and communication and we discussed different things that we do in school to support pupils.

Resources were given out including a communication pyramid, this explains all the necessary elements of speech and language that children need to have in place. In addition a booklet containing general strategies for speech and language skills - developing use of language/understanding language, developing listening and attention, strategies for speech sound development and for developing fluency of speech. Some useful websites were also shared and discussed. (documents below)

Communication Pyramid

General strategies for speech and language

Useful websites for ideas and advice regarding speech and language