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Curriculum - Music


Music Intent

At St Joseph's children receive a high-quality music education which engages and inspires them to develop a love of music, a talent as a musician, an increased creativity and self-confidence and a satisfying sense of achievement.

From an early age, pupils are exposed to great composers such as Rogers and Hammerstein, Victor Hubert, Edvard Grieg and Mozart. They identify the families of instruments that make up an orchestra whilst listening to great orchestral pieces like of Peter and the Wolf, The marriage of Figaro and the Sorcerers Apprentice. They participate in music appreciation sessions and are given the appropriate vocabulary to express their ideas using the language of the musical elements they have studied. By the end of Y2 all children are encouraged to play a tuned instrument and develop their skill of notation.

During their time in KS2, children continue to study great pieces from classical composers but are exposed to an even wider, eclectic mix of musical genre. Children build on their early notation from KS1 and all children are taught to play an instrument by consultants from the Birmingham Music Service.

By the end of KS2, children at St Joseph's have developed a critical engagement with music as listeners, composers and musicians. They have gain the necessary musical cultural capital, which will set them up to be lifelong successful learners.

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