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St Joseph’s After-School Club
St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School
Selly Oak Road
Bournville, Birmingham
B30 1HN

After School Club mobile number: 07546 274 346 (Please leave a text message if there is no reply.)

Email Address:

Ofsted Registration No: EY456991

Key Staff
Director: Chris Coley
Manager: Chris Coley

Safeguarding Lead: Donna Branson
Safeguarding Deputy: Chris Coley

Sportszone in partnership with St Josephs Catholic Primary School provide an extensive after - school club programme. There are currently a range of specialized activities, as well as recreational activity providing innovative child care to working parents. St Josephs After School Club is run by Chris Coley (sportszone).
Children can choose between specialized and recreational activities; with a more enriched activity programme, St Josephs After School Club ensures a fun and varied club in a safe and familiar environment.




COOKING - Within cooking children will have a different recipe to follow weekly to bring home, mainly alternating between sweet and savory. Please note that putting your child down for cooking requires them being collected at 5pm to ensure the cooking is out of the oven and packed away.

DANCE - led by Elle Fackrell. This exciting and innovative club will involve a variety of fun and exciting dance games, dance sequences, cheerleading and team building games. At the end of each term there will be a special performance for the parents


Recreational Activities are led by the after-school club team; Donna, Geraldine, Laura & Lorraine. Recreation is a free play session where the children have access to a large range of toys, games, I-Pads, Wii and outdoor equipment. We also have daily arts with themed colouring/activities.

Children are provided with unlimited drinks. Children can also bring in their own snacks or packed lunch. We ask that no nuts or nut products are given. We kindly ask that grapes given to infant children are cut, at a minimum, in half-length ways to reduce the risk of choking, thank you. Unfortunately, we don't have the provisions to provide children with a snack if they haven’t got one.
During late pick up we do provide the children with a variety of squashes or water and a selection of biscuits (maximum 2 per child). If you would rather your child NOT be offered this please speak to a member of the after-school club team.



If you are new to St Joseph’s After School Club and would like your child to attend, please contact Chris Coley on 07976724952 or email for further information and to check availability. To attend After School Club you will be required to fill out the clubs registration pack.

For the first half term new reception children can only attend recreational activities. This will give the children a chance to settle into after school club and meet the staff. After the first half term they will be able to access the specialised activities.

To make it easier for current after school club parents, you can now book by text.
One week before the end of each half term you will receive a text message asking for confirmation to continue with current clubs for the next half term. To book by text please confirm Name, Clubs (specialized or recreation) and whether you need late pick up. Please text Chris 07976724952 to book places.
• Children can book for as many days as they wish but must sign up and pay for same days for the full half term. (Days cannot be swapped during the half term.)

• Subject to availability, if you require additional days during the half term please text Chris (07976724952)
As the After School club is running to near full capacity, particularly the specialized clubs, your place will be guaranteed for 1 week prior to the text going out to perspective parents, so please confirm ASAP. Specialized clubs will be on a first come first served basis.

• After school club runs from 3.30 – 5.00 every day. Children attending Recreational activities can be picked up any time before 5pm. Cost is £6.50 per session (£6 for siblings)
• There is now a late pick up service available from 5.00-5.30 (cost is £3 per session) - children who are not collected by 5:05 will automatically go to late pick up and therefore will be charged.
• Cooking has a £1.50 extra charge for ingredients/resources.
• Payments types: vouchers, cash, cheque or online banking (please request details) * please note we cannot take payments through parent pay.
• If possible, could children attending cookery and dance sessions please be collected nearer 5pm as cooking if often not ready before this time, and dancers who leave early regularly often don't feel confident to perform in termly shows.
• The After School Club is Voluntary Ofsted Registered. This will allow parents to use child Tax Credits and Childcare vouchers. Parents looking to use Vouchers or child tax credits please speak to Chris.

After School Club have a responsibility and duty of care to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all children who attend. All After school club staff are DBS checked and are experienced in their particular field. Staff have taken first aid courses and have covered issues on child protection/safeguarding fire procedures, and regularly attend training to keep these updated.
Both Chris Coley and Donna Branson are DSL (Designated Safeguarding Leads) trained. If you have any concerns regarding any child protection matters, or any further issues positive or negative with the club, please speak to Chris and we will ensure we resolve the issue promptly.

• St Joseph’s After School Club phone 07546 274346 (after-school club number).
For daily queries about club including going to be late picking up or requiring emergency days please use after school club phone and speak to Cath

Many thanks for all your support
Chris Coley



Collection of children
• St Josephs After-School Club closes at 5.30pm. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, you are going to be late, please contact Cath as soon as possible on 07546274346. *A charge of £5 will be incurred for any children picked up late after closing times.

• If you do not collect your child by 6.00pm, and the club has been unable to reach you or any of your emergency contacts, St Josephs After-School Club will follow its Uncollected Children Policy and contact children’s services.

Policies and data protection
• Information held by St Josephs After-School Club will be treated as confidential. However, in certain circumstances, for example if there are child protection concerns, the club has a legal duty to pass certain information on to other agencies, including Police, Social Care and health care professionals.
• St Joseph’s After-School Club holds a range of policies and procedures which are available for reference at the club.

• Parents/guardians need to book their children into the club on a half termly basis and will pay promptly for all booked sessions whether their child/ren attends or not (e.g. due to illness or holidays).
• Children can be booked in for as many days as needed but must sign up and pay for these days for the full half term.
• We do not charge for bank holidays and professional training days.
• Please ensure that fees are paid promptly (within 2 weeks of start date). Non-payment by the end of the half term may result in your child’s place being terminated (where an agreement hasn’t been made with St Joseph’s After-School Club). If you are having difficulty paying fees, please speak in confidence to the Manager.
• After the cut-off date, places not confirmed could be offered out to other children on the waiting list; any requests for changes to places will be noted and offers made where there is availability.

• We encourage appropriate behaviour through praise for good behaviour; emphasis on co-operative play and sharing; talking to children with the courtesy that we expect from them and engaging children in activities
• The Club has procedures for dealing with unacceptable behaviour. We recognise that poor behaviour can occur from time to time for reasons that are not always evident, or as a result of special needs. We will try to be flexible in order to accommodate such cases.
• However, if your child is violent, or if their behaviour poses an immediate danger to themselves or others, we will require you to collect them from the Club immediately. In exceptional circumstances, and only when all other attempts at behaviour management have failed, we reserve the right to permanently exclude a child from the Club.