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Year 6 - Curriculum

Dear Parents,

Below you will find the curriculum your child will be covering this Summer term (2023).  Not all subjects are taught each term but are covered throughout the year. As a result of this planner, you may be able to discuss the areas with your child or do research together.


Summer Term


  • Pentecost - they will learn about the stories from the New Testament about the coming of the Holy Spirit. They will identify the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit and how they can relate to their lives going forward.
  • Belonging to the Church community - they will look at the teachings of the Apostles. They will learn about the role of the Pope, Archbishops and Bishops in the universal and local Church. They will look at their roles in the Church community.
  • Celebrating the life of Mary & the saints - we will explore beliefs about Blessed Mary and feasts. They will identify why her role in the life of Christ was so important. They will look at saints being united with Christ and link to their chosen saint for Confirmation.


  • SATS revision - SPAG and Reading.
  • Shared reading text - ‘When Hitler Stole My Pink Rabbit’ by Judith Kerr. This text connects to the children’s current learning in History.
  • Poetry - Children will explore spoken word poems by Michael Rosen. This will lead to performance of own pieces.
  • Fiction - ‘Wonder’. Children will begin to read the text ‘Wonder’ by R.J Palacio. This text includes themes such as anti-bullying and having compassion, acceptance, and empathy for others.


  • SATS Practice.
  • Counting, partitioning and calculating using all four number operations including mental strategies (Focus on division).
  • Securing number facts, solving equations and number sequences.
  • Shape and measures - Properties of 3D shapes, nets of 3D solids, rotating designs. Measuring capacity.
  • Handling data - Database statistics, conversion graphs, pie charts.
  • Ratio and proportion.
  • Solving problems involving multi-step calculations.
    Investigations and puzzles - ‘Theme Park Maths’.



  • To understand how light travels.
  • Understanding how shadows are formed.
  • What is light made up of.
  • How we can manipulate light.


  • Invasion games.
  • Athletics
  • Woodland Adventure

Thematic Curriculum

(includes: History, Geography, ICT, Music, Art, D+T and PSHE)


  • Civil Rights movement
  • American History


  • Arctic Circle
  • Antarctica
  • Discover More Award


  • Impressionism


  • Reggae


  • Relationships - Mental health, online relationships, real and fake relationships,
  • Changing Me - Menstruation, feelings and thoughts, making babies and transition.


  • Homework is given out on a Monday and should be handed in on Friday.  Reading books are changed on a Friday, ready for Monday.


  • Spellings are given out on Monday and tested on Friday.

Year 6 Class Blog

Welcome to the Year 6 Twitter Takeover !! We hope you enjoy seeing all the great things we get up to in our school day.

17th Mar

Welcome to the Year 6 takeover ! We hope you enjoy having an insight into our week ❤️

What a great end to the week. Our first netball game. Miss Tully was so impressed with our resilience and skill. Very proud of our Year 6 girls. 🏀 #yesitsabasketball


Today in Art, we were comparing reduction and block printing. We have been inspired by William Morris. Today we began to create our own designs inspired by nature. We are calling our work ‘The Start of Spring.’


Our Prayer and Liturgy focus was Easter. We are realising our lucky we are compared to others and are fortunate to have the option to give things up for Lent ready for Easter.


We didn’t get to see you in World Book Day. So here’s an insight into what we did! We planted tomatoes ready for summer. We will keep them in our sunny classroom and water regularly. 🍅🍅🍅🍅


Our Maths focus has been plotting coordinates and translating shapes. We have challenged ourselves to use critical reasoning in our explanations.


Everyone wants to play Netball now ! It was great to see the whole class enjoying the sport. Fantastic for developing balance, agility and throwing skills.


We have enjoyed making Mother’s Day bracelets for our Mums with our buddies. Our buddies showed off their Maths skills and counted the beads - we were very impressed. We love spending time with our buddies, we treat each kindly and always help each other. 🌈🌟👩🏽‍🦱🧑🏼‍🦱🧒🏽👦🏼

Thank you for joining us ! ‘Bon Weekend’ as they say in France 🇫🇷


19th Jan

Today we have been studying the relationship between The Holy Trinity. Miss Tully was especially impressed with our presentation and effort ! 📚📝


It’s snowing in Birmingham! Can you guess who loved playing the most ? Amur of course, back in his natural habitat. 🐆❄️❤️


We worked so well in geography. We loved working in teams to create bright and beautiful posters on the Mississippi River! Did you know it is the longest in the USA?


Fantastic art work based on the Blitz for the Year 6 History topic. We have loved learning about WW2 and have just finished our class text Carrie’s War. 📚


Thank you for joining Year 6 on their Twitter takeover, see you again soon! Au revoir ! 🇫🇷 ❤️


10th Nov

This half term we have been practicing our French. Every morning we always ask each other, ‘As tu passé une bonne soirée?’

Guided Reading: acting out scenes from Harry Potter to help us with our expression in reading. Can you guess which scene this is? #philosophersstone #youreawizardharry 🧙🏼‍♂️

History: debating as a class. From the perspective of a person in the early 20th century, should women be allowed to vote?We linked this to our Catholic Social Teaching: Rights and Responsibilities and British Values: Individual Liberty 📝

Reading our excellent writing to Reception as a treat for our hard work! We loved sharing our versions of the Mouse Plot by Roald Dahl 📖✏️

Our favourite place in the classroom: our library. This is a calm space where we can enjoy all of our favourite books and magazines. We are about to start reading Carrie’s War. Have you read it?
We leave recommendations for books on our wall, do you have any recommendations?

WOW Active ! We had a great time keep scores for each other and Reception in different agility activities. We can use the scheme at home, have you logged on yet? 🎾⚽️🏀🏈

English: we have been loving the poem Walrus and the Carpenter. So far we have: analysed the poem’s structure, created wanted posters, created character descriptions and planned our narrative version. 🦭🧔🏽🪓 #nowalrusemoji

Hope you enjoyed our year 6 ‘Twitter takeover’. See you soon! 😀



Today we set up our altar, we have changed the cloth to green because it is ordinary time in the Catholic calendar.

We were so excited to come back together again after 6 weeks apart - we spoke about all things summer!

First RE lesson of the year was a success! We learnt about our class saint Maximillan Kolbe. He is a great role model who links to our British Values of Tolerance and Respect and Catholic Social Teaching of Human Dignity.

Today it is Our Lady Mary’s birthday, we prayed an extra Hail Mary for her together.

HM Queen Elizabeth II. May she rest in peace.