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Year 5 - Curriculum

Dear Parents,

Below you will find the curriculum your child will be covering this Spring term (2024).  Not all subjects are taught each term but are covered throughout the year.

Please use this planner for discussion and research with your child.


Spring Term


  • Christmas – In this unit the children will hear about the story of Christmas from different gospels. They will explore the difficulties faced by Mary and Joseph and the tensions that arose from King Herod.
  • The Work of the Apostles - The children will explore Acts of the Apostles, their lives and the difference they made to faith.
  • Lent - In this unit children will be thinking about the concept of temptation which ties nicely in with their PRE learning. Children will reflect on what nurtures and damages human relationships and explore key texts from the New Testament.
  • Holy Week - In this unit the children will gain greater knowledge and understanding of the last week of Jesus’ life.


  • Class books - Greek Myths and Kensuke’s Kingdom and Tom’s Midnight Garden

  • Stories by from other cultures - Children will explore stories from other cultures such as Russian Folklore, Aboriginal Dream stories and Greek Myths. The children will explore traditions in these stories, characters and moral (linking to their previous work on Aesop’s Fables). This unit will tie in nicely with their next unit:

  • Graphic Novel: Hercules - Children will explore telling stories in creative ways such as comic strips, graphic novels. Focusing on the use of illustration, colour and text help move the narrative along.

  • Kensuke’s Kingdom - This lovely book by Michael Morpurgo will be our focus for the end of term. Linking to our Geography topics. The children will explore descriptive writing in non-chronological order – diary entries/ship logs and narrative.

  • Fantasy Story – A Secret Garden - Children will take inspiration from the secret garden’s characters, plot and setting to create their own fantasy narrative.

  • Recounts/Newspapers – A Murder Mystery - Children will create exciting and suspense newspaper reports based on recounts their have written.


  • Number: Multiplication - Children will focus on different methods for multiplication such as short multiplication and long multiplication where they will be multiplying 2,3 and 4-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers. Also, they will use formal written methods for division such as the bus stop method.

  • Fractions B - Using their knowledge of multiplication, they will go on to multiply a unit fraction, non-unit fraction and a mixed number by an integer.


  • Decimals and Percentages - Using their knowledge from fractions children will consolidate their learning with decimals and percentages. The previous learning will support children in this unit. Children will be making comparisons between percentages and decimals.

  • Perimeter and area - Children to be able to solve perimeter and area problems confidently.


  • Life Cycle of Animals and Forces


  • Handball

  • Gymnastics

Thematic Curriculum

(includes: History, Geography, ICT, Music, Art, D+T and PSHE)


  • The French Revolution
  • The Abolition of Slavery


  • African Art
  • Chinese Art


  • Australia and New Zealand - We will explore the history of Australia, its fauna and biome. We will be comparing the differences between Australia and our home in the UK. This topic links to some of our writing topics.


  • Digital literacy and computing – focus on safety online


  • Healthy Me - Making good choices, alcohols and smoking, positive body image and healthy eating.
  • Dreams and goals - Jobs and careers, money matters, budgeting, when I grow up and gifts and talents.


  • Longer and shorter notes

  • Florence Price


  • School life

  • Family and friends


Homework is given out on a Monday and should be handed in on Friday. This will involve targets from the week in subjects such as English and Maths. 


Spellings are given out on a Monday and tested on a Friday.



Year 5 Class Blog

23rd Mar

Welcome to Year 5 Twitter takeover. We hope you enjoy

We loved celebrating St Joseph’s day on Monday. Mass as a school, all day breakfast, own clothes...and circus skills to showcase our talents!



We have been learning how to be play leaders for the school. A great responsibility being positive play role models that we love!


We love reading and got to explore the book fair today. Come and take a peek as it’s here for the next week! 📚


We have to admit, this was a couple of weeks ago BUT we loved playing in the snow so wanted to share!!


We love our learning, but we also love working together. We always like to learn and help each other to achieve our goals! #teamyear5 😊

We hope you enjoyed our Twitter takeover! See you soon



26th Jan

Welcome to Y5 Twitter takeover. We hope you enjoy a glimpse into our last few days in school!

We loved being creative with our maths work, who says you can’t mix art with maths! 📊✏️


We joined with all of our friends today for a special assembly hosted by the @RSPCA_official. They discussed the importance of litter picking and our responsibility to keep God’s earth tidy and protect wildlife danger.Thanks to our children in our eco team for organising 🦔🦢🦩🌿


We loved our WOW active sessions this week. Great to keep fit and we can check our results online and try and improve each week. It was great to support the younger children too with their counting, good practice for our play leading role that we have been trained on 🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♀️


We absolutely love our computing sessions and animation club in Y5. Thanks to Mr Y for getting the equipment and for giving us the chance to become film makers. Oscars next!


Hope you enjoyed our Twitter takeover. See you soon! 😀



17th Nov

Welcome to year 5 ‘Twitter takeover’, we hope you enjoy a sneak leak into our classroom 😊 

This a special week in school, celebrating anti-bullying week. At St Joseph’s we say NO to bullying. We have enjoyed assemblies and PSHE lessons looking at how we can reach out if we are ever worried. We enjoyed wearing our odd socks too!


We are loving our poetry topic in English, celebrating local poets and also writing our own poems and performing them ✒️📚


We are enjoying our music sessions each week. Children from @STACSBirmingham come each week and we are playing pieces exploring different percussion instruments 🥁


We hope you enjoyed a snapshot into our classroom. See you soon! ❤️



Welcome to Year 5 ‘Thursday Twitter’ take over. We hope you enjoy having a sneaky look inside our class today

We enjoyed learning about Roald Dahl and his writing styles, preparing us to create our own ‘marvellous medicine’ potions! We even got a chance to make the potions and bring our writing to life!

We have been learning about our special class saint this year, St Josephine of Bakhita. She is an inspiration for the strength she showed through the challenges she faced in childhood. We pray that she guides us this year in Y5. We enjoyed creating artwork in dedication to her

Yes it may be September but why not think ahead to Christmas! We are busy being creative with our Christmas card designs that will go off to the printers this week if our families would like to order them ready for December. Hope you enjoy the finished card!

In memory of Queen Elizabeth II, we created our own special prayers. May she rest in peace.
Thanks for joining us for our Twitter takeover.