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Year 4 - Curriculum

Dear Parents,

Below you will find the curriculum your child will be covering this Summer term (2023).  Not all subjects are taught each term but are covered throughout the year. Please use this planner for discussion and research with your child. 


Summer Term


  • Easter - Children will look at the Resurrection from the four Gospels. They will learn about the different reactions of people to the news that Christ was alive. Children will study the story of the Ascension.
  • Pentecost - Children will revisit the story of Pentecost and they will identify the effect it had upon the disciples. They will learn about the missionary activity of the Apostles and some prayers of the Holy Spirit.
  • Sharing in the life of Christ - Children will learn about the Universal Church established on the original teaching of the Apostles. They will reflect upon the Eucharist as a Sacrament which celebrates the Church’s unity. They will also look at other religious customs from around the world.
    • Special Roles and Responsibilities - Children will learn about the different tasks and responsibilities given to people in the Church. This will help them to develop their understanding of the Church as the Body of Christ made up of many different people.


  • Newspaper reports - King Charles III coronation

  • Haiku poems

  • Stories

  • Kennings poems


  • Decimals - comparing and ordering decimals using fractions knowledge; rounding decimals; halves and find halves and quarters.
  • Money - using pounds and pence; ordering money and working with money using the four operations
  • Time - finding hours, minutes and seconds; using years, months, weeks and days; analogue to digital 12 hour and 24 hour.
  • Statistics - interpret and present data with line graphs
  • Geometry - identify acute and obtuse angles; use a protractor to measure angles; compare and classify geometric shapes including quadrilaterals and triangles; identify lines of symmetry; describe positions on a grid using coordinates; plot points on a grid
  • Position and direction - describing positions; drawing on a grid; describing movement on a grid.


  • The water cycle - In this unit, children will learn about the main parts of the Water Cycle including evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection.
  • Electricity - In this unit, the children will learn about electrical safety, they will look at how a circuit is used, they will look at the use of switches and they will look at important inventors; Thomas Edison and Lewis Latimer.


  • Rounders
  • Swimming (The first two weeks of Summer 2)
  • Athletics

Thematic Curriculum

(includes: History, Geography, ICT, Music, Art, D+T and PSHE)


  • The restoration and Great Fire of London
  • The Glorious Revolution


  • Design
  • Types of art


  • Africa


  • Relationships - first aid heroes, a community of love, what is the Church? How do I love others, jealousy and love and loss.
  • Changing me - hopes and dreams, broken dreams, overcoming disappointment, achieving goals and preparing for transition


  • Learning the Clarinet



Homework is given out on a Monday and should be handed in on a Friday.


Spellings are given out on a Monday and tested on a Friday.

Year 4 Class Blog

2nd Feb

Hello and welcome to Year four’s Twitter takeover, we can’t wait to show you what we have been up to in our classroom! Enjoy! 👍👍

This half term in our P.E lessons, the children have been choreographing a dance to James Bond’s theme tune. The children have used lots of different skills such as dancing in canon and using different levels. 💃🏻💃🏻🕺🏽🕺🏽


Today, St Joseph’s celebrated Lumen Christi day. The year four children took part by decorating a candle and singing along with a special prayer service. The children were excited to take a candle and prayer card home. The theme for today was “Jesus is the light of our world💡”


Last week, we celebrated Chinese New Year. The children created special Chinese lanterns and we talked about the story behind Chinese New Year. Some children in year four told us about their celebrations outside of school 🧧 🇨🇳


This half term in art, the children have been creating special models of the Pantheon in their topic on Ancient Rome. The model has required the children to use lots of different materials such as lollipop sticks and papier-mâché. We cannot wait to see the final result🏛😄


Hope you enjoyed year four’s Twitter takeover, see you soon!! 👍👍



24th Nov

Welcome to year four’s Twitter takeover! We can’t wait to show you what we have been up to!🙌🏼

Throughout the month of November, we have been remembering all those that have died in wars and anyone close to us that have passed. We have created poppies, watched videos and looked at some special poems for this month of remembrance! 🌺


❄️❄️During this half term, the year four children have enjoyed studying the book of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. We recently read about Edmund meeting the White Witch. The children acted out this scene with great expression!❄️❄️


Our history topic for this half term has been focusing on Ancient Rome. The children have recently learnt about the assassination of Julius Caesar and the Pax Romana. The children thoroughly enjoy history Thursdays with Mr Charnley!😁 #yearfourloveshistory


This week for St Joseph’s, it has been Multi-cultural week. Year four’s focus has been Judaism. The children have been learning about the main beliefs and looking at the Ten Commandments. It has been great to learn new things about other religions and ask questions.


Hope you have enjoyed seeing what year four have been doing in the classroom, see you soon! 😀👏



Welcome to year 4 'Class Blog'! The children have been so excited to share their lovely work.

In year four, we have been studying the book “The Dot.” This is a lovely book all about how everyone is unique and to never give up even if you think you can’t do something! All of the children designed their own dot for a display in our classroom.

Next, in geography, the children were using scales to measure the distance between two places. Some examples they measured were Rush trampoline park to New street station and Cadbury world to the Bullring.

To honour our class saint, St Teresa of Calcutta, the children created some artwork. They firstly had to use water colours to create their own design. Next, they traced an image of St Teresa and stuck them together. We pray that St Teresa watches over year four this year.

They children have thoroughly enjoyed watching and listening to Dan and Emily on Open with Creation for the month of September. They have been joining in with the singing and actions to lots of lovely songs all about creation.

Finally, in art, the children have been studying the work of Caravaggio using his method of Chiaroscuro, which is an Italian word for light and dark. The children sketched pears using charcoal and tried to use shading to create shadows.