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Year 1 - Curriculum

Dear Parents,

Below you will find the curriculum your child will be covering this Spring term (2024).  Not all subjects are taught each term but are covered throughout the year. As a result of this planner, you may be able to discuss the areas with your child or do research together.

Spring Term




  • Christmas - Develop knowledge and understanding of Christmas as a celebration of the birth of Jesus and understand the importance of this through the events that happened before and after, and the impact it had on the people involved.


  • Forgiveness – Understand that forgiveness is something that is given and received. The children will be able to describe/discuss parables around this theme and discuss choices and consequences. They will be able to relate this to their own personal experiences.


  • In English, the children have an opportunity to explore a range of texts linked to a certain genre. They will then study a base text of that genre and identify key features, retell and explore innovating and creating their own version of that text.
  • Stories with a familiar setting - The Tiger Who Came to Tea
  • Recount - The Great Fire of London
  • On-going - Phonics/spellings, guided reading, grammar and handwriting.
  • Place Value (Within 20) - Count, read and write numbers to 20 in numerals. Identify and represent numbers in different ways. Use the language of equal to, more than, less than, most, least. Order, compare and identify one more and one less than a number.
  • Addition and Subtraction (Within 20) - Add and subtract one-digit and two-digit numbers to 20. Represent and use number bonds and related subtraction facts to 20.


  • Seasons and weather - In this unit, children will learn to recognise seasonal and daily changes in the weather. They will learn that our seasons are caused by the tilt of the Earth. Children will learn that meteorologists are scientists who study and predict the weather. They will learn that weather forecasts help people to prepare for different kinds of weather. They will study clouds and will find out about three different types of cloud and the weather they bring: cirrus, cumulus and stratus. Children will look at weather forecasts and the symbols used to indicate different types of weather.

  • Taking Care of the Earth - During this unit of work, children will learn that human activity can have an impact, both positive and negative, on the Earth. The children will look at the Earth’s natural resources, including fossil fuels such as oil and gas. They will study key issues such as, logging, recycling, pollution and their impact.


  • Gymnastics
  • Send and Return

Thematic Curriculum

(includes: History, Geography, ICT, Music, Art, D+T and PSHE)

(includes: History, Geography, ICT, Music, Art, D+T and PRE) 


  • The UK


  • Kings and Queens


  • The children will use their voices expressively and creatively by singing songs and speaking chants and rhymes. Experiment with different instruments and use instruments to represent different things.


  • Skills - This unit will teach children the basic computer skills that they will need to be able to use a desktop or laptop computer. Children will learn how to use a computer mouse or a trackpad and how to switch on and shut down a computer. They will apply their mouse or trackpad skills by launching applications, manipulating windows and opening and saving files and folders. The children will then practise their clicking skills and learn how to drag objects, either using a mouse or trackpad.


  • Coding - using children will be introduced to the world of coding. Children will use the drag and drop feature to create simple sequences and create simple algorithms.


  • Feelings:
    Likes and dislikes
    Feeling inside out


  • NumBots
  • Spellings
  • Reading


Spellings are given out on a Monday and tested on a Friday.

Year 1 Class Blog

4th May

Welcome to Year 1’s takeover! Give us a like if you are joining us this afternoon.

Today during our Prayer and Liturgy, we were reflecting on our local communities and how we can support them in and outside of school.


We had SO much fun on the Reading Chair this week! We shared our favourite books with each other and had the wonderful experience of listening to Mary Middleton read our class book, ‘Danny the Champion of the World'


We have been joining Dan and Emily this week for ‘Open with Mary’ and have loved singing along with them. Give us a like if you enjoy a sing song too! #voicesofangels


We loved finding things in common with our classmates during our PRE lesson all about ‘Communities’. We reflected on how we can care for each other within our communities and help people within them.

Year 1 would like to know:
“What does being part of a community mean to you?”


Thank you for joining Year 1 for the takeover! We really love sharing what we have been up to with our followers.

2nd Mar

Welcome to Year 1’s twitter takeover! We have been super busy in school this week and can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to

At the start of the week we began our new unit in English where we’ve been looking at ‘Stories from Other Cultures’. We are loving Handa’s Surprise! Here are some pictures of us role-playing the story


We are celebrating the season of Lent in school. This week we have been joining Dan and Emily virtually to think about how we can be more like Jesus during this special time. We especially like singing the songs!


We have been looking at the work of George Seurat this week and his use of Pointillism. We created some of our pictures using pointillism. We really enjoyed using all the bright colours.


Today we had lots of fun for World Book Day. We joined the rest of the school for an assembly, we created a whole school story and designed our own book covers! We all went to a lot of effort with our costumes and Miss Hall said we all looked great! #WorldBookDay2023 #bookworms


Thank you for joining us for our twitter takeover. Happy Thursday.



5th Jan

Welcome back to Twitter Takeover! Year 1 are excited to show you what we have been up to this week.

Earlier on this week we started our new unit on ‘Traditional Tales’ in English. We looked through some stories together to find some key features of this genre.


On Tuesday, we changed our altar cloth in the classroom as we are now learning all about the season of Christmas in school. We have really enjoyed writing about the Christmas Story today too! 🎄


In Maths, we are studying ‘Place Value to 20’. We have been looking at understanding 10 to help us with our numbers to 20. In our Mastering Number sessions, we have been using splitting and combining to help us with our numbers to 20 too!🧮📚


We also had our first trip down to Woodland Adventure! We really enjoyed roaming around and working together to tick off our scavenger hunt list! We thought about ways to care for our local environment and we agreed to make some nests. #naturelovers 🍂🪵🦆


Thank you for joining us for our takeover! We hope you enjoyed seeing what we have been up to.



Happy Thursday, welcome to Year 1’s Twitter takeover! We hope you enjoy seeing what we’ve been getting up to.

We were very lucky to have two year 6 children pop into year 1 this afternoon. They came to share their stories about The Hobbit which linked in with our current unit on fantasy stories.

We have loved learning about our class saint, St Francis of Assisi. Check out the photos of us role playing the life of St Francis!

This half term we have been celebrating the season of creation. We loved learning the ‘Laudato Si’ song and linked this to the Catholic Social Teachings of care for creation and common good.

We have been studying fantasy stories in English and are really enjoying the story ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. We love using actions to retell stories.

Thank you for joining us for our Year 1 twitter takeover!