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Catholic Social Teaching

Solidarity and the Common Good

- Speaking clearly and showing respect to our neighbours in the community who are in need.

- St. Therese of Lisieux


The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers

- Through our work, we help others to learn and grow closer to God. We know that we are all ‘Co Workers’ and we work to contribute.

Saint: St. Joseph the Worker


Rights and Responsibilities

-Understanding what our responsibilities and rights are, and knowing how we can promote and live these out as ambassadors of Christ.

Saint: St Vincent de Paul


Stewardship of God’s Creation

- Being wise in how we share the world and work together to promote how we can use resources wisely.
- Be learned in what our role is to help ‘Our Common Home’.

Saint: St. Francis of Assisi


Option for the poor and vulnerable

-we belief that all resources on earth should be shared with all. We find ways to work together to support the poor and vulnerable.

Saint: Mother Teresa of Calcutta


Dignity of the Human Person

-Understanding that every person’s life should be respected and supporting to ensure that we can flourish in all aspects of life, as children of God.

Saint: St Maximilian Kolbe


Family and Community

-Encourage our pupils to think beyond the family to the local, national and global communities of which we are a part and what it means to be a neighbour.
-Know what it means to be members of the Church community.

Saint: The Holy Family

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